The Friends of Alzey

Town Twinning with Germany

Villa Ludwigshöhe 2017

Photo Collection

We would like to share some of the photos taken during previous events, both during the exchange visits as well as some of the other social events. We hope you enjoy them and if you have related pictures that could be included then please send an Email to Thank-you in anticipation.

Photos of Alzey and the surrounding countryside

Many sights may be discovered in Alzey's centre with half-timbered houses, the historic Schloß, colourful shops, restaurants and cafés.

Alzey is situated in the wine region of Rheinhessen Palatinate. Therefore there is plenty to explore in the surrounding area as well.Villages, small towns, vineyards and wineries.

Click here to view photos taken over the years by visiting Friends of Alzey from Harpenden.

2023 - 60 years of Town Twinning

A very special tea party took place on 22nd April 2023 to celebrate sixty years of town twinning between Harpenden and Alzey. See a summary of this prestigious event on the Events page. Click here to view the photo album marking the occasion.
Thanks to Paul Gloess as Official Photographer for the event.

2022 - Visit by our Freunde von Harpenden

Photos from the visit are divided into eight albums of individual events. Click the pictures for their respective photo albums:

Welcome Reception in a Harpenden garden

Rothamsted Park & Estate

Civic Reception in Park Hall

Excursion to St Paul's Walden Bury

Visit to Emily's Teashop, Whitwell

A Walk around Batford Springs

Farewell Dinner in Redbourn

Awards Presentations

2022 - Platinum Jubilee in Harpenden

Throughout the UK there have been celebrations for the accomplishment of seventy years of service by Queen Elizabeth II. Harpenden Town council organised events for this royal occasion including a funfair and several stalls selling produce such as sizzling German sausages and delectable Austrian cakes. Click here to see the photos, then raise a glass to Her Majesty!

2020-2021 - A reflection of the Covid-19 pandemic in Harpenden

It has been a little over a year now with periods of lockdown, socially distancing and generally taking special care. We've had plenty of on-line meetings and messages, walking in the countryside and taking-up new hobbies and activities.

We have two collections, one showing pictures of Harpenden and the surrounding areas through the changing seasons and one that is specifically Covid-19 related including tests and vaccinations. Thanks to all who contributed their photos.

2020 - Alzey Posters Rediscovered

Alzey poster A couple of months ago our Friends of Alzey Chair Susan Vinther stumbled over a small collection of Alzey posters from yesteryear. They give an insight of local promotional activity. The tourism poster may be familiar to some of you and possibly the commercially important wine ones, but probably not the art posters.
Here they are for you to see: click here. Thanks to Paul Gloess for carefully photographing them.

2019 - Visit to Alzey

Photos from our visit are divided into five locations or occasions with Albums for each of them. Click the pictures for their respective photo albums:

Reception at Alzey Fire Station

Excursion to Garten Hermannshof

Visiting Weinheim

In and around Alzey & Mainz

Farewell dinner at Kloppberg

2019 - Harpenden Sign Restored

The Harpenden sign on the common has been restored to include once again, the town twinning signs for Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire and Alzey. Friends of Alzey President Rosemary Ross has written a letter of thanks to Town Mayor Brian Ellis for the restoration of the sign.

2019 - Friends of Alzey 40th Anniversary

Friends of Alzey celebrated our 40th Anniversary in the Park Hall in Leyton Road on Saturday 20th April 2019. See the entry in the Events Page for more information.
Following are a few photos, click here for the Anniversary Photo Album showing many more.

2019 - Friends of Alzey Annual General Meeting

Following are photos of new members of Friends of Alzey. May we introduce: Vera and Cornelia and Günter with their dog Enzo.

2018 Visit of the Freunde von Harpenden

Photos from the visit are divided into four locations or occasions with Albums for each of them. Click the pictures for their respective photo albums:

Welcome Reception at Harpenden Town Hall

Highgate Cemetery & Hampstead Heath

Harpenden History Walk

Farewell Dinner in Wheathampstead