Villa Ludwigshöhe 2017

Photos of Previous Events

We would like to share some of the photos taken during previous events, both during the exchange visits as well as some of the other social events.

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Photos of Alzey and surrounding countryside

2019 - Harpenden Sign Restored

The Harpenden sign on the common has been restored to include once again, the town twinning signs for Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire and Alzey. Friends of Alzey President Rosemary Ross has written a letter of thanks to Town Mayor Brian Ellis for the restoration of the sign.

2019 - Friends of Alzey 40th Anniversary

Following are a few photos from our big event and a photo album showing more.

Click here for the Anniversary Photo Album

2019 - Friends of Alzey Annual General Meeting

Following are photos of new members of Friends of Alzey. May we introduce: Vera and Cornelia and Günter with their dog Enzo.

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2018

Evening Reception 28th June

Highgate Cemetery and Kenwood House 29th June

Harpenden History Walk 1st July

Farewell Dinner 1st July

Click here for the Photo Album of the whole visit

Visit to Alzey in 2017

  1. The Harpenden group are made welcome at a reception in the Alzey Rathaus.
  2. The group visit Villa Ludwigshöhe in the Palatinate region.

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2016

Visit to Alzey in 2015

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2014

Visit to Alzey in August 2013

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2011

Visit to Alzey in August 2010

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2009

Visit to Alzey in 2008

Visit of the 'Freunde von Harpenden' in 2007

Poster of Alzey

The Friends of Alzey in 1982