Brunnen am Rossmarkt - Alzey

Monthly German Conversation Get-Togethers

German get-togethers are for members and friends to practice conversational German at any level. Beginners to advanced are very welcome.

Friends of Alzey offer members two types of German get-together:

  • A Stammtisch will take place on the last Saturday of every month.
  • A German Conversation Evening taking place on the third Monday of each month.


The concept of a Stammtisch (much loved and used in Germany) is that the same table is always reserved in a bar or café for the use of the particular group at the same time every week or month. The group members simply go to that table at that time without the need to notify the group organiser. Our Stammtisch for conversation in German is at the Oddfellows Arms on Leyton Green from 10 to 11.30 a.m. every last Saturday of the month except in December.

German Conversation Evening

Conversation evenings take place at member's homes throughout the year except in August when there is no meeting. A link to friends hosting conversation evenings follows. Start time is 7:30 pm. Please phone the host for the particular evening either on the day or the day before the meeting. If this is not possible please do not let it stop you from attending. There is a charge of £1.50 per evening and £3 for the Christmas Carols Evening. This includes a glass of wine or soft drink and nibbles. You will be very welcome to participate in as many or as few evenings as you like.

A calendar for this year's conversation evenings, including venues and contact details, may be displayed or downloaded from the following link. Please note that this document is for members only and is password protected. Click here  for this year's calendar.

Dates of German Stammtisch for 2020

Day Date Time
Saturday 25.01.2020 10.00
Saturday 29.02.2020 10.00
Saturday 28.03.2020 10.00
Saturday 25.04.2020 10.00
Saturday 30.05.2020 10.00
Saturday 27.06.2020 10.00
Saturday 25.07.2020 10.00
Saturday 29.08.2020 10.00
Saturday 26.09.2020 10.00
Saturday 31.10.2020 10.00
Saturday 28.11.2020 10.00
December No Stammtisch

Stammtisch location is the Oddfellows Arms.

Dates of German Conversation Evenings for 2020

Day Date Time
Monday 20.01.2020 19.30
Monday 17.02.2020 19.30
Monday 16.03.2020 19.30
Monday 20.04.2020 19.30
Monday 18.05.2020 19.30
Monday 15.06.2020 19.30
Monday 20.07.2020 19.30
August No Conversation Evening
Monday 21.09.2020 19.30
Monday 19.10.2020 19.30
Monday 16.11.2020 19.30
Monday 14.12.2020 19.30 Carols

Conversation evening locations are listed here.